Whether you are a standalone business office, multi-site business, franchise, branch office, or department within a larger organization, your business relies on your phone system to perform every time you pick up the receiver. Nortel systems are a simple-to-use telephone system with practical, scalable features. Nortel system are cost effective to fit your budget today, with the capacity and scalable applications to secure that competitive edge as your business grows. Nortel systems offers end to end solutions to small and medium-sized businesses and branch offices to enable you to focus on your bottom line – YOUR BUSINESS!

Every Norstar solution begins with an Integrated Communications System (ICS).

The communication needs and size of your business will help determine the best system for your company. Below is information on the ICS systems that we install, program, service, and repair.

Norstar Compact Integrated Communications System (CICS)

All flexible building-block design expands with your business easily and cost effectively:

  • Grows from a 4×8 to and 8×24 capacity
  • Supports voicemail, unified messaging, automated attendant, telephones and basic call center
  • Allows you to easily add enhancements as your business needs change
  • Supports all business terminals such as M7000, T7000, and cordless handsets.

Norstar Modular Integrated Communication System (MICS)

Designed to be both flexible and scalable, there is ample room to expand the software and hardware capacity of the Nortel MICS.

  • Up to 248 ports in various configurations
  • Advanced integrated applications: voice messaging, unified messaging, digital networking, and enhanced call centers
  • Software and System expansion modules that let you grow as your business needs to change
  • Supports all business terminals such as M7000, T7000, and cordless handsets.

Business Series Terminals

To our customers, the telephones are the system. Your telephone is the most critical interface to your business productivity. Internal communications, customer services, and business-to-business activities – they are your lifeline to business communications. We understand that the user’s perception of the telephone and the manner in which it delivers services are the benchmark by which a voice system is measured. Nortel Norstar offers a wide range of user-friendly Business Series terminals to fit any need in your business from the front desk to the conference room and anywhere in between.


  • Message Waiting Indicator – All M7000 and T7000 telephones are complete with an intelligent indication by either a red light or Message bar to keep you aware of incoming messages with a single glance.
  • Call Log – You can easily find out exactly who has called while you were away from your desk. The Call Log leverages Calling Line Identification (CLID) services to show a record of incoming call information – including date and time of calls as well as number of repeated attempts
  • Soft Keys – Communications are further simplified by three soft keys on the T7316E, M7323, and M7310 that let you select the appropriate action with just one touch of a key without the need to remember cumbersome commands
  • Feature Button – Just press this button to quickly program or use one of the many features the ICS phone system has to offer
  • Release Button – No need to lift and replace the handset to hang up after a hands-free call. Just press the release button
  • Built-In Speaker – High-quality audio enables hands-free conversation, background music, group listening, and paging announcements. A crisp speaker saves your neck and ear during long calls and avoids any conversation distortion
  • Mute Button – You can use the Mute button to listen without being heard
  • LCD Window – The phones have an LCD display that walks you through features step by step so you can easily transfer calls, establish conference calls, respond to messages, and leverage network and application services. The LCD display will identify the person calling before you answer if you subscribe to CLID services from your voice services provider. The LCD display allows you easy access to advanced applications
  • Memory Buttons – Need quick access to the numbers of your most important customers? You can easily program frequently used numbers for one-touch dialing. You can also program the memory buttons for quick access to system features or network services.
  • Volume Control Bar – You can easily and quickly adjust the ringer, handset, headset or speaker volume by merely tapping the volume control bar to accommodate soft-spoken customers or to hear an important incoming call when you step away from your desk
  • Integrated Busy Lamp Field/Direct Station Select (BLF/DSS) – The T7316E, M7324, and M7310 provides integrated BLF/DSS capability for one-button access to any combination of features, internal autodials and external autodials. You can customize each phone to meet the needs of each user
  • Hold – A simple touch of a button places a caller on hold. Add music or tones to assure them that they have not been disconnected.
  • Hands-free Button – With one-touch, hands-free operation, you can place or answer calls without picking up the handset.

View the Norstar Telephones PDF

View the T7000 Series PDF

Norstar CALLPILOT 100/150 Voice Mail Systems

  • Advanced integrated applications
  • Centralized Voice Mail
  • Centralized Auto Attendant
  • 4 to 8 Channels
  • Unified Messaging
  • Auto Attendant
  • Custom Call Routing (CCR)
  • Scalable up to 300 mailboxes
  • Embedded applications let you easily grow as your business needs change, with simple key-code activation
  • Holiday Scheduling
  • Web-based Management.

Norstar Applications Module (N.A.M.) Voice Mail Systems

  • Advanced integrated applications
  • Centralized Voice Mail
  • Centralized Auto Attendant
  • 4 to 32 Channels
  • Up to 1,000 mailboxes
  • Up to 200 Hours Storage
  • Auto Attendant
  • Custom Call Routing (CCR)
  • Holiday Scheduling

View the Norstar Voicemail PDF

Norstar Voicemail Systems

Norstar Voice Mail is like a personal assistant who answers your telephone and takes accurate messages for everyone in your company, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. It frees employees to concentrate on the revenue-generating work at hand, confident that they won’t miss a phone call. It frees your receptionist to work with the people in your office and can easily act as back-up during peak calling time or staff meetings. It makes it easier for your staff to exchange information, whether they are at their desk or not.

With Norstar Voice Mail, your customers and suppliers get direct access to the person they want to reach. They can ask a question or leave information anytime, eliminating “telephone tag”.

Norstar Voice Mail is seamlessly integrated with the Norstar Business Communications System through the Norstar Applications Module (N.A.M.) or Call Pilot voicemail systems. This tight integration means Norstar Voicemail can handle up to 1,000 mailboxes and a minimum storage time for greetings and messages of at least 200 hours, based on system configurations. It also gives you access to features and functionality normally found in larger systems, such as Message Forwarding, Timed Delivery of Messages, Extended Absence Greeting, and Customized Directory.

Norstar Voice Mail is a powerful application that guides you through the messaging process by offering prompts on your telephone’s familiar LCD Window, including the names in your customized telephone directory. The LCD window also notifies you when you receive a new Voicemail message. With simple, readable prompts on your telephone’s LCD Window to guide you quickly through each feature.