Infinity Technologies installs, programs, services and repairs all Panasonic Telecom systems.   Our experienced technicians will work with you to design and implement the Panasonic system that will best support your business needs.    Panasonic offers powerful and flexible Telecom solutions that will help improve work efficiency regardless of the size of your business.

Panasonic KX-NS1000

Based on the IP and SIP protocols, the KX-NS1000 offers a high level of flexibility and can be integrated into your existing infrastructure. Thanks to the modular architecture, the system can be tailored to suit your requirements – regardless of whether it’s to be used in a small office with two people or a large company with several locations

Key features

  • IP and SIP network communication server.
  • Integrated unified messaging with up to 24 ports per unit
  • Build systems for up to 8,000 users
  • Reliable backup system to survive system failures
  • Call center solution with voice guidance for customers

Panasonic KX-NS700

The KX-NS700 harnesses the power of an IP communications platform while retaining the ability to maintain a legacy PBX digital platform. It is a cost-saving system for companies with up to 288 users in a single site that can be flexibly configured with both digital and IP configurations and expanded, making it the ideal investment protection.

Key Feature:

  • Compact Hybrid Communication Solution; the IP and Digital World in One Box
  • Built-in Unified Messaging: Voicemail, Call Center, Simplified Maintenance and More
  • Supports an Extensive Lineup of Phones that Includes SIP/IP/Digital and DECT Portables
  • Expansion Cabinet Allows the System to Grow with Your Company
  • Robust Standard Two-year Warranty